Property, Casualty & Cyber Insurance

Our team have the knowledge and experience to tailor solutions to the needs of even the most complex projects. We can optimise cover for contractors, owners, lenders and other interested parties, assisting clients across all industry sectors. We have the expertise and drive to find creative solutions within the Lloyd’s, London and European markets via partnerships with our Lloyd’s broker network.

In partnership with our Construction Unit which is London-based and with access to insurance markets worldwide. With complete flexibility, we provide cover for contractors, owners, lenders and all other interested parties on site, with standard, bespoke or broad form wordings engineered to clients’ requirements. We can work on either a project basis (term, non-cancellable, contractor controlled or owner-controlled) or an annual basis. Lex Risks believes in a simple approach – plan, execute and deliver.

Our geographic spread of clients is truly global and our account portfolio includes direct corporate clients, independent retail/wholesale intermediaries and reinsurance business, with particular emphasis on the following industry classes:


Cybersecurity has become an urgent issue for businesses and governments alike. In a world where everything is on the internet, from humourous memes to highly sensitive corporate information; ensuring your corporate data remains protected is paramount. The incidence of ransomware, fileless malware and sophisticated phishing campaigns continue unabated. Cybercriminals - funded by highly organised criminal syndicates - continue to drive the blistering evolution of the global cyber scourge.

Our team can assist with various cyberrisk mitigation strategies and tailor your insurance coverage to protect your business against cyber risks.
Our cyber insurance solutions help businesses implement best-practice, fit-for-purpose cybersecurity measures whilst helping to engender the necessary balance between cyber defence and resilience.

Our solutions offer the cushioning your balance sheet will need when recovering from cyber events, whilst our Trusted Advisor helps inculcate proven recovery techniques. Using focused cyber interventions and user training initiatives, we will bring structure to your cybersecurity environment by promoting open dialogue between all internal role players to enhance your cyber resilience.