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With global uncertainty rising and debt costs increasing, clients need services that not only protect cashflow forecasts and Enterprise Value but also reduce financing costs and ultimately strengthen creditworthiness. Many insurance brokers currently offer few options but increased costs and greater cashflow volatility to their clients through increased premiums, reduced cover and increased deductibles.

We build extraordinarily versatile and professional team focused solely on delivering better outcomes for renewable and non-renewable clients that address these fundamental finance areas from project inception through to Commercial Operation Dates through to Commercial Operations.

Co-Creating Financial Wellbeing

We work closely with our clients to produce the best program for them, often through nothing more than better identifying and refining data they already produce Importantly these programs may involve either regulated insurance or discretionary mutual techniques.

We also understand clients don’t like changing brokers. As your Trusted Advisor, we understand the importance of collaboration with clients' existing brokers to establish how better outcomes can be achieved together.


our team

What makes the Lex Group different is our people and our networks. 

"We challenge the status quo for you in every respect that’s because we work exclusively for you."

Richard Henry, Chairman


We are currently gathering our media information that will be rolling out towards the end of December 2022. We look forward to co-creating these learning spaces that educate and inspire. 

"We are a new breed of insurance broker. Supply chain, energy, ESG, Net Zero and finance costs are increasing and risk profiles are changing. Companies need a partner who is prepared to navigate with them through change."

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David McKibbin, CEO of The Lex Group