Mutual Management

Our talented team comprises insurance and mutual specialists who have been designing and managing mutuals for 20 years.  We make it our business to spread the word on mutuality as it offers better options for commercial insurance. We are determined to grow the mutual market share.

A mutual is a company owned and controlled by its members for the benefit of its members.

A mutual can provide an attractive alternative to conventional insurance products and services.

Benefits of a Mutual

  • Control is vested in a Board of Directors elected from the membership; hence the members control the mutual to ensure that it operates to their benefit and is always member-focussed
  • Members can expect sympathetic handling of claims
  • In a mutual all surpluses (profits) belong to the members and these surpluses are not subject to corporation tax
  • Protection and service are tailored to members’ specific needs based on the sector they operate in
  • Contributions (premiums) are based on actual claims experience
  • There are no third-party shareholders
  • Capital efficiency
  • The insurance premium cycle flattened
  • Mutuals are not subject to Insurance Taxes
  • Complete transparency through ownership and control
  • Mutuals offer members the highest quality service at a competitive price
  • Mutuals are selective in offering membership to groups sharing similar risk profiles with generally good risk management controls and practices
  • Mutuals provide members with cost-effective protection solutions that meet their specific needs whilst combining to secure long-term member benefits and member loyalty